September 4, 2012

breathe + paint: art fest prep

it's crunch-time. my first BIG folk art fest, the one i've wanted to take part in since awesome papa and i stumbled across it eight years ago, is happening on sunday.

august was a month of big things including two visits from my dad. i feel like, for once, i'm truly letting go of that which i've worked past rather than ignoring it and just pretending that everything is okay. i also feel like i understand the limitations of "getting over" or "working past" stuff that involves other people. approaching the whole experience with few expectations (and not as a protective mechanism but with an acceptance of what one can and cannot control) has helped and i've got a new sense of being in the present moment and feeling infinitely grateful.

so yay, lots of progress on that front however i'm kind of nervous about this art festival.

my aunt keeps pointing out that it's a learning experience, if nothing else, and of course i'm mostly approaching it with wonder and excitement.

i am open to possibilities; unattached to any outcome.

yet all the classic physical manifestations of nervousness are running rampant through my body and when i get still enough i can hear the voice of fear. i think, perhaps, it's a good thing that it's not the only thing i hear, or even the loudest, but i was surprised to hear it at all.

it's somewhat overwhelming and i feel a bit unprepared but a week or so ago i gathered much of my complete or near-complete pieces. this is a rough idea of what i have so far (some of these pieces aren't going but there are some others that weren't pictured that are).

it shows i am capable of painting often, but it doesn't feel like enough. regardless, though, i know i work well under pressure so it's time to buckle down and focus.

i don't know that i have enough variety - taking only originals seems pretty limiting - but i don't have the time or the money to prepare as many prints as i'd wanted. on the bright side, i have lots of wood blanks and think if i spend the next two days painting and the following two days sealing and finishing everything, then i can inventory and pack up on saturday and be ready to go, sunday, all stress-free.

sounds good but also sounds like an expectation and i know that anything is possible. all i can do is breathe. and paint. paint and breathe :)


  1. I love seeing all these beautiful works together! You'll have a blast....connecting with the public and other artists on a personal level is really gratifying...and just a fun day :)

    I've had luck in the past with making color copies 4 on a page (ask the Kinko's person to help you on the self serve machine)and using those to whip up some quick greeting cards on craft store blank cards.

    I wish you the best!

  2. thanks cameron! that's a brilliant idea and i found my photo paper so i may try to print up some stuff at home (don't know if i have time to adhere them to cards, though, but next time!).

    i feel like i've been too scattered but it's a learning experience and all really coming along nicely. the deadline has allowed me to create a lot but on the other hand i haven't been able to manage adding stock to etsy on a regular basis as i've been so consumed with getting ready. if i do it again next year, i imagine i will have plenty of originals already in the wait and can offer more reproductions/cards/small items :)

  3. How wonderful, I'm seeing this post rather late... how did your show turn out? The picture of your artwork looks great. I also like how you presented it on that wooden chest of drawers - looks very warm and inviting. =)

    1. thank you! they were very precariously placed just so i could view them all together and the library drawers would make an awesome display but are too heavy to travel with.

      the show was meh. for a lot of reasons it was underwhelming but i'm glad that i did it - i made some great connections and was very pleased to meet and talk with the people that purchased paintings. i feel like i know a little bit about where each of my paintings is going and i like that. i won't ever do another street fest again but i am doing a holiday gift faire in a few weeks which i'm really excited about. completely different venue and target audience!


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