May 4, 2012

29 faces in may

on a whim, i decided to do the 29 faces challenge this month.

mostly because i already sketch a bunch of faces on a regular basis, and because it seemed like it would be fun.

i started a day late but since there are 31 days in may, i figured that didn't much matter at all.

i also don't have time to do elaborate paintings or complete works of art in a day so i took all pressure off and immediately decided that i'd just do one quick sketch and share - that's all.

here is my day one sketch:

and here is day two, which for me, was yesterday:

and this is from this morning:

the last two have color because i recently became a convert to copic markers - by recently, i mean, four days ago. i actually got a set of the copic skin tones and have decided that i will practice my copic blending/layering skills (there is a learning curve) during the remainder of the 29 faces challenge. yay!

i will probably not be blogging my designs on a daily basis because i am now working from home, in addition to working on stocking my etsy shop on a more regular basis, while also simultaneously spending less time on the computer and more time with my kidlets. it's a tough balance, but i don't feel like i'm stretching myself too thin and what better way to motivate myself to try something new?

so stay tuned and if you're a new reader, visiting my blog from the challenge, nice to meet you :)


  1. These are wonderful! And I don't mind stopping in every few days to see a few fresh faces!

  2. This is great - I blog a few at a time too, but try to draw them everyday - cool work!

  3. Wonderful faces and I love to see more of them!

  4. These faces look like lots of fun. It's a perfect challenge to get some practice in with your copics. :)

  5. Such expressiveness in your sweet little faces -- love them....! :-)

  6. Beautiful Valeri... sweet little faces... and I especially love the whimsical feel of the second little darling...

    Jenny x

  7. Lovely faces. And hello from a fellow challengee ;)

  8. Love your faces! And your face :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Good luck learning to use the new pens! It's so easy for the computer to suck up time we need to spend with the kiddos. Glad you're trying to get your life balanced!


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