May 11, 2012

friday five

i don't keep up with my livejournal pretty much ever, anymore, but i am gonna revive the friday five here. however i see fit.

sometimes it may be a list of five random facts about me, perhaps with a theme. or maybe it will be five cool things i want to share from around the interwebs. or five observations i've made during the week. it could even be a list of complaints. because i still do that.

mostly it'll be a list of happy things and i'm going to start with five things i'm grateful for.

(it also denotes about as much time as i have to spend on such an endeavor before the boys lose it. five mem-mets, as the three year old would say) :)

this week i'm grateful for:

1. waking up as sprout climbs in my bed and tells me that i'm the best. "mom, you best," he says. it's his latest thing. started about a week ago but it melts my heart just the same, everytime he says it. it also gives me permission to tell him that he's the best without any favoritism (even if there is some).

2. my grocery budget. it occurred to me last night that while it's small, i can do wonderful things on less than $400 a month. it's not our entire budget as my husband also does some of the shopping but with my portion i am making the purchase of organic produce and eggs, gluten free baking staples, and healthy, whole foods a reality. i was starting to lose sight of how awesome it is to know what i have to spend and what i have to buy - it completely eliminates buying too many sweets and it eliminates food waste. it's putting my creativity to use in a different way and it feels good to be frugal. the other day i bought a tub of vanilla yogurt (sprout's fave) for half price on it's sell-by date. i came home and poured most of it into popsicle molds - the kids love them and i'm stoked that i paid about 75 cents for eight yogurt pops.

3. working from home. i feel truly blessed to be helping the family business by doing account's receivables and admin work for my husband. i've even listed stuff on etsy for the first time in months!

4. commission work! one of my WIPs is officially sold and another commission piece has been requested. i hate hate hate knitting on demand but painting is a whole 'nother animal and I LOVE IT!

5. selling my first painting. it's been sold for a while but i was a slacker and took my time finishing it and the buyer (a new local friend) and i just didn't hammer down plans sooner. it was her birthday yesterday, and also a very sad day for her, but i was happy to spend time with her and her adorable little boy for just a little while <3

how does your garden grow?

now i'm off to pick up my last check from the counseling service - then off to two of my favorite places, target and trader joe's.

one this fabulous friday, what are some things you're grateful for?

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