April 12, 2012

words + stuff

i have thousands of pages full of words that i'd like to read in short time.
i'd actually already like to possess the knowledge and the wisdom of those words.

i am currently reading the following:
a newcomer's guide to the afterlife
playful parenting
master your metabolism
above all, be kind
hector and the search for happiness
the memoir project
and OMG!
kelly rae roberts' three-part WHOLE SHEBANG

the other day she offered a price-break that i just couldn't resist. instead of a bag i've had my eye on, i asked awesome papa if he could get this for me as a combination anniversary/mother's day gift. i didn't want the opportunity to pass me by. i'd wanted to take the kelly-led e-course and at some point i will (she offers half off the e-course if you've purchased any e-books) but getting my hands on this content has been a goal of mine for almost two years and i didn't want to wait any longer. it felt like the right time, too. i had just put my two week's notice in at work and will actually have make the time to pore over the content - in fact, behind playful parenting, reading kelly's e-book is my top priority right now.

i have thousands of words to read. i also have thousands to write. there are actually three books working themselves out in my head and i don't even feel embarrassed to say that. THREE. not one. not abstract ideas. three concrete tales that have been carried with me always. three seedlings in various stages.

i'm also going to be working part-time, from home, for my husband's business. the family business. such an obvious choice, staring us in the face all along, but only now was it really the right time to be here. a place where stuff starts to make sense.

on a daily basis i am overwhelmed but also in complete awe about how things turn about, where we end up, and how we are truly all connected in absolutely amazing ways. i am overwhelmed by the need to learn, stretch, grow, and share but also comforted by this message. when i saw this image in kelly's e-book, it was exactly what i needed to see at that moment. i've been working a very long time on believing this and now that i'm learning how to, it's still nice to get reminders.
print by artist mati rose

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  1. Val I am so going to enjoy having you here in blog life. LOL I loved this post and hey...didn't know you too were a huge Kelly Rae Roberts fan! I too adore her and have many of her works of art on my walls and in my home..This past Christmas I found her pocket mirrors and ornaments at Hallmark and seriously lost my mind...and paycheck I bought them for my daughters, my mother, my sister every female I know just about and of ya...you know myself!!
    Also...those little reminders you speak of at the end of this post..I believe in divine timing.. and truly believe that those messages come at precisely the-right time...even the ones we try to ignore or pretend we didn't see!
    Happy to have you here Val..look forward to reading more!


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