April 5, 2012

smashing washi @target

the other day i learned that target has their own version of washi tape.

i went to two of my targets (not for the tape, but i scoped out the stationary aisles because i was there) and only saw three of the four color combos. someday i'll make it to the big one to look for yellow/orange set but i brought home two - the blues and the reds. though today, i picked up the green set, too. i decided it was time to start adding stuff to my smashbook and what better way?

oh. yeah, i caved, and got a smashbook with a michael's coupon last week.

incidentally, target happens to carry smashbook stuff now. even though i already have one, i took another look at them today. i don't know why i got the orange one when the pink one is much more *me* but there will always be more michael's coupons and, of course, target clearance! so someday...

anyhow, this paper tape inspired by japanese washi tape is ah-maze-ing! seriously fun!

i used the smashstick to glue down some old barefoot books bookmarks and then accented the tops and bottoms with paper tape. super cute!

i am way pleased with the paper tape and see it becoming a regular supply staple, especially @ $1/roll of the target stuff vs. $4-$6 roll for authentic washi.

the smashbook, i'm still a little eh on. they are cool, i love the size, the colors, the interesting backgrounds. but. the spirals and paper are tight and make a god-awful squeaky, scratchy, nails on chalkboard sound and i just don't know if it will get better with use. target does have the mini ones, which i have not yet seen at michael's. they don't have the binder enclosure, they're just small spiral-bound smashbooks. they don't squeak but they don't look as fun, either.

i haven't decided if i want to go all out art journal with the smashbook. things often start out quite simple. like, the other night, we called in an order of chinese food. i asked if i could have the handwritten receipt because dude answering the phone, taking my order, actually spelled my name correctly...it was too cool. i don't think that's ever happened. i mean, even when they ask me to spell it, they get it wrong. i added it to my smashbook (with a little paper tape for pop!) but don't have any direction for the rest of the page.

this spread just seemed fitting for an epiphany i had today (click image to see it). the watercolor with stamped image sure fit the mood but i'm not yet sure if i'm going to "smash" it in there permanently. oh! yeah...that's what paper clips are for! okay, squeakiness aside, it's growing on me :)

tell me - do you have a smashbook yet? what color? check out target - they've got a few different things than michael's and i *think* their prices are better (though nothing beats micheal's with a 40% or 50% coupon!) and even if you're familiar with washi, you'll want to check out the value target rolls of paper tape :)

UPDATE: as of the end of may i have yet to see the yellow/orange set of the new "up + up" stationary at our local targets. boo.


  1. I have honestly looked all over God's green earth for this tape...its insane how hard it is to get it you would think these marketers and advertisers would see the art world is demanding this stuff and make it slightly easier to get! I was about to resort to ordering from Japan..I'm gonna give Target a shot!

  2. yes, do it! none of ours seem to have that elusive orange/yellow combo pack so if you find it, let me know. also, if you can't find it locally and want me to pick up the three color combos i can get, let me know :)

    it is stupid fun and addictive but i was never going to fall for it if i had to order it online but michael's also carries some now, too. i forget the name - i'll go look next time i'm there. it is more expensive and has less tape than the target packs but that's what michael's coupons are for!


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