December 27, 2011

new year, new calendar!

i am not one for new year's resolutions. this is no secret.
but i am looking forward to moving forward and i have some big expectations of myself and the year 2012, in general.

i've got the perfect part-time position that pays my bills (just barely) and i do have impending student loan payments to start making but instead of focusing on the freak-out and the what-ifs and the how-am-i-going-to-make-this-all-work, i'm instead focused on making the very best of what i do have.

and that's time.

time to spend with my family and explore more domestic pleasures.
time to be fully present and extend myself as the kind of mother and wife i want to be (read: less hurried and frantic and high-strung).
time to paint, knit, draw, and paint some more!

i have this gift of time and i'm prepared to use it wisely.

with that in mind, i got a little treat for myself yesterday. one of those purely delightful but also practical kind of treats, which are my new favorite kind.

the toymaker's calendar will make a wonderful addition to our playroom and i'm looking forward to spending time with the little misters creating a new, vintage-inspired, paper toy each month. see also: i don't often change over the calendars. my husband often laughs (or grumbles) at the fact that i can let three months go by without turning over a new month. well, no more!

the artist, marilyn scott-walters, also offers two small books filled with other toy paper creations to make. adding this to the wishlist...

oh do check out her website...lots of free printables and other inspiring, good, fun stuff.
yay! i'm so excited to have stumbled upon this!

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