December 29, 2011


with a focus on good intentions for the new year, i am spending some time unsubscribing from the massive amounts of retailer and sales notifications. i am going hard-core.

gap, old navy, piperlime? it seems no matter how i tried to manage those subscriptions i got at least one from at least one of their brands

all the social, invite-only bargain sites? too much.

places i've only purchased from once? or not in the last year? bye-bye.

i have used the "sweep" function in hotmail to delete on a big scale but it's time to actually unsubscribe so i don't have this constant bombardment of useless information. i don't need daily reminders that deals are out there to be had. nine times out of ten, i score awesome deals while shopping locally, when i actually have to spend money. deals sites and sales notices only encourage me to take part in frivolous spending which happens so easily from the comfort of my own pajamas. i'd spend money whether i needed to or not, and most often i did not. i've ignored most of them for a while now but it's time to stop the insanity.

instead, i am replacing this type of daily inbox input with creative, inspiring, useful subscriptions like art prompts, photo tips, creative activities to do with the children, recipes, and i might even catch up with the flylady. instead of opening or even having my eyes set upon the fact that everything at the gap is 45% off, i will instead spend that time glancing at my menus4moms reminder to declutter my laundry room or whatever and may even be inspired enough to cook dinner once in a while.


thanks you for making a connection. all comments and feedback are like little sprinkles of starshine!

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