March 4, 2011

my first indie art fair

i received a happy message from a local etsy artisan yesterday, inviting me to participate in an indie art fair in three weeks. i don't know that i have the time, or even enough "stuff" to participate but i really want to.

a friend of mine pointed the organizer in my direction, she looked at my etsy shops and juried me in - and that alone is exciting, but making this happen, being out there and active and taking this first small (but big) step is even more exciting so i'm brainstorming ways to make this work.

thinking that we could do it as a family effort is sort of silly, but it's a small thing, just a few hours, right by the university so awesome papa could come along with all three boys and take the younger two for a walk, if necessary. let them play at the duck pond. have a picnic. whatever. or i could go alone, or with bean, who has quite a bit more hand knit bags than i ever had time to list on etsy. i just don't know. i like to think we're a family that does things like this together, or can do things like this together but i also often feel so alone and sometimes it feels like i'm the only one that believes in what i'm doing (aside from some of my very loving friends and they know who they are). regardless, though, i'm trying not to get all caught up in little details like how i can make this happen, instead i am looking at the bigger picture and telling myself that it will happen :)

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