March 8, 2011


even though my little ones are sick and my teenager is, well, a teenager, i am reminded daily of how grateful i am to be mama to these three boys.

my five year old is as awesome as always, often stopping in the middle of whatever he's doing to tell me that he loves me and keeping me humble with his brilliant and gentle spirit.

sprout will be two next month and though he is still not the most verbal, his communication skills leave nothing wanting and i love that everyone in our family understands him and can meet his needs. two of his newest favorite things are watching disney/pixar's meet the robinsons eighteen times a day and crawling around on all fours, barking like a puppy. love. it.

and bean, still fits his nickname perfectly, as he has become a tall and lanky big-footed teenager (pronounced by the fact that he wears skinny jeans and skater shoes). my bean pole or string bean! the other day i took him to get a pair of dress shoes for choir and his long, skinny legs paired with size 11 black shiny leather shoes reminded me of old beatles cartoon caricature drawings. i had to chuckle to myself, because his emo hair is yeah, much like this....

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