March 31, 2011

hold on to the good

must keep eye on prize.

good, focused goals are good. and focused.

ask and you SHALL receive.

seek and you shall find.

knock and the door shall open.

through some of the muck that was the last few months, i learned a lot about myself, carved a more clear path for myself, and made more concrete the decision to always remain true to myself.

this week i had my first temporary (but awesome) personal assistant job and next week i start training for a part-time job with a counseling service i interviewed with in november. i should have taken the job then, but i didn't and here i am now, very grateful for everything but still trying not to get bogged down by the small things and the small people (and by that, i mean petty people, not children).

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  1. O yes I agree GREAT thoughs so 'carry' with you..and what a journey you do..:))some of my favorits are *be the change you want to see in the world* and *only you can make yourself perfect*..I like knock and the door will open..have a great weekend/Marie
    I found you via loveandtoast FB page


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