February 24, 2011

yet one more thing to do in my free time...

i had no idea who the pioneer woman was until yesterday when i read this NYT article.

prior to, i had seen her cookbook but assumed she was just another food network-ite.

anyhoo, curiosity got the better of me as i made my way from morning productivity to procrastination and well, i'm glad i stumbled on over to her journal, as behind the times as i am. literally.

i am so happy to see all of her photography tutorials and am looking forward to using all of the info she provides to improve my standing. because, see, i've always liked my photos. i've always liked my editing efforts. but i have never once denied the fact that my skills (or lack thereof) could improve about a billion times.

she gives me hope. she claims to have not known what an aperature was when she started and i'll admit i can't keep it straight, either. in fact, this is why i dropped out of a photography class in college.

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