February 23, 2011

excitement is underway.

it is. i can just feel it.

today, despite all of the reviews i want to do, all the photo-editing i have to do, and several blog ideas running through my mind (and a giveaway to announce!), i am going to go live the dream and gesso over some old canvases i recovered from the garage. some have paintings that absolutely made no sense once i got them on there, others have paintings by an eight year old bean and seven years later, he is sure that no, he doesn't want to display them anywhere. i've got four. two really bad paintings of mine, and two of his that were not as impressive as some stuff he did at age six. with some properly applied medium i will wash over them and create anew, with visions of another sort, also running through my mind.

this, finally getting my brushes wet again, in a long time, isn't the only thing brimming with possibility but it is the only thing i'm willing to share. the rest is still like a heavily guarded secret that makes my heart and breath stop when i think about it too long. it's that good!

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