February 16, 2011

renewed spirit

last week was rough, that is no secret and as i often say, "i don't know..." followed by any number of things that i do, in fact, NOT know. this is no different and so i start by saying, i don't know what changed but last weekend shaped up to be better than i'd expected and so far, this week has been great, or at least i am better able to focus on the larger-view of greatness and not get so hung up on the minor frustrations.

on valentine's day, awesome papa and i didn't exactly go on a date but we did have some time to ourselves, a first in many, many long months. we went to book a hotel stay for next month, at a local hotel that was running a pretty sweet facebook promotion, and then picked up dinner on the way home.

instead of having some deep heart to heart on the way there, i forced awesome papa to listen to the power of intention by dr. wayne dyer. something we'd been saying we would do together since he picked it up at a community yard sale last summer. it was probably the best use of our time and it opened up a bit of a discussion that prompted awesome papa to pull over and show me a most perfect location for his cleaning company headquarters. he currently rents an office space and has always dreamed of owning the lot and building that his company operates from. he has always had a specific part of town in mind, as well.

moments after dyer was discussing how we have to craft our own reality, so to speak, by intending with clarity and then letting the universe sort out the details, awesome papa took me by surprise when he turned into a lot facing an oversized, fenced-in property with a decently sized structure on it. "it's for sale," he said. "i can see a new sign for your business right there," i said. it's in the perfect location, in the same part of town he has always intended his new location to be, and i just got an overwhelming sense of excitement. i know the way he thinks in terms of "reality" so i also know that he, or rather, the business, may not acquire this location any time soon for one reason or another, but i believe in possibility and all i can think is that it might.

the following morning, i'd noticed that my alstroemerias were stretching with anticipation and looked so alive. they completely made up for the fact that the roses he brought me the week before never opened up, but instead, wilted and dropped just two days later.

even today, they are still a sight to be seen and they give me hope of so many good things to come.

these was taken yesterday but even now, it's like every branch, every leaf, and each petal is stretching, open and surrendering into infinite possibility. and i take it as just another sign from the universe that i must do the same.

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