February 21, 2011

new fascination

i knew it wouldn't take long for me to dust off my "doll collector" hat and try it on for size, again.

i have parted with all of my american girls (purchased as an adult) and all of the barbies i'd had since childhood (and a few purchased as an adult). i long ago parted with all of the bratz dolls that bean played with when he was younger, despite how cute they were. when he outgrew his doll play and i was about to have a second child i attempted to go all waldorf purist, in addition to wanting to rid our home of all plastic toys, i also examined my beliefs about barbies (and the like) and their impact on gender issues and identification (for girls and boys, alike). i wasn't at all in favor of the unrealistic expectations they may promote. i was well aware of the body image controversy of fashion dolls, but there was also the entire over-processed, consumer aspect to consider. not only are new "models" issued every few months to keep retail displays fresh and sales high but the premise of most barbie play is "let's go shopping" and i just. i was over it at that point.

some years and two kids later, it's safe to say that plastic toys have obviously found their way back into our home and if one of my younger sons wanted to play with dolls, i'd still fully support his preference, just with more wholesome offerings.

however, who said mama couldn't buy herself a new wildly wickedly badass doll?  i cannot justify the expense of a blythe doll (well maybe, if i wanted one of the miniature ones made for littlest pet shop, but i want a real old school blythe, like the ones that sell for $300 on ebay. except i don't want to spend $300). but the monster high dolls have caught my eye several times. as a former teenage mom to a little boy that played with dolls, it's hard not to glance at or go down the girl toy aisles and the previous goth girl in me simply cannot ignore such cool stuff.

last night, i put down everything i wanted to buy on impulse at target, except the draculaura doll. her bathing suit was just too cute for words. it wasn't until i got home that i realized her skirt came off revealing a suit that verges on adult-content.

certainly not mama approved for child's play. not a chance. i honestly have a hard time believing that anyone would let their kid play with these dolls when bratz caused such an outrage a few years ago.

but, for display and inspiration? she did come with a doll stand and it sure beats this:

in other news, i am going to announce an exciting giveaway in the near future. i would have done it today but this blogging business is time consuming and i have a gazillion packages to ship today, one being very, very late (but with my first big step towards leaving my comfort zone, with an included ATC that i made to share with a certified REAL artist. whoa!).

also, i'd like to stop nursing now. please and thank you. so, i'm going to check out some "how to wean your toddler" articles because the advice that i put band-aids on my nips and tell my child that they have owies seemed a bit like future psychological issues in the making and the advice to let awesome papa take over at bedtime and thereafter, well, let's just say that it seems less impossible than it once did but i can still see it not ever happening. my use of fennel and glycerine works but only for so long. if sprout is really determined, he'll nurse past the taste, and of course it wears off so i have to reapply and sometimes i give in before i can apply it throughout the day (or night). and speaking of the night, all progress has officially reverted and he is back to waking every two hours and i can no longer sleep while he nurses and i am a big grump when he starts throwing a fit and kicking me. if i put the glycerine stuff on, he immediately quiets down and turns the other way once he realizes it's not what he wants, but i can't do this every hour or two.

these little kids cannot get their own beds fast enough.

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