February 14, 2011

happy v-day!

so after my ranty post the other day, awesome papa and i worked on some things and he is completely open to me getting feng shui on his ass. or his office. but first things first and i'm doing an overall makeover on the entire house by utilizing the western bagua as mentioned the other day. we also had a nice weekend, complete with taking care of housekeeping responsibilities and cuddling on the couch together to watch
yes man which is actually a really cute film, as jim carrey gets less and less obnoxious with age.

even though awesome papa and i had previously ageed (or maybe just i agreed, now that i think about it?) to postpone valentine's festivities because 1. it's lame to go out to dinner on such a busy night and 2. after-valentine's day clearance sales are the bomb! why pay full price for the candy and the stuffed animals, and hey, even the cards, when you don't have to? i thought it sounded like a plan but of course, this morning, i woke up to a card and chocolates and my favorite flowers.

they look like mini tigerlilies so we used them in our wedding - the alstroemeria...

he does this to me almost every year we agree to postpone or forego celebrating the day of love, altogether.

so, i look like an ass. but i know i'm loved and he knows he's loved, too. i'm just debating on whether or not to make him a card or head to target later this evening when i can leave the house.

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