September 2, 2009

skip hop palette bowls

we love our skip hop palette bowls! they're supposed to accompany the palette plate, which p don't own - p purchased the replacement bowls seperately.

not only are they super cute and tiny sized, but they are super functional. they feature a tight, leak-proof lid and are perfectly proportioned for small snacks or a serving of baby food. i can easily throw one or all three in my diaper bag without crushing small o-shaped pieces of cereal, or finding crumbs all over the interior of my bag, which is a problem with many other small, totable snack containers.

i know this isn't what they were intended for but i am so glad i thought they were cute and purchased some, on a whim. They're also BPA-free, which is a huge plus and so handy that I am trying to convince myself that I need more!

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