September 6, 2009

homeschool preparations

my oldest son has been homeschooled a few times but right now he is thriving in a public school and starts (OMG) high school next year. but i am determined to homeschool, consistently, the younger two - with a waldorf-inspired foundation as i've always been drawn to the philosophy and teaching style.

my three year old watches too much department of education funded PBS and tells me he looks forward to the day when he can go to a real school. because he has this crazy idea that it will be fun. and okay, i am severely biased against public school, i'll admit it. for some kids, i'm sure, school is fun. i wasn't one of those kids. not because i didn't love academics and learning. i did. but i was a nerd who wanted desperately to hang out with the cool kids. if i had strived for mediocrity, instead of excellence, i might have been popular. it wasn't until i was homeschooled, myself, from seventh grade, that i learned to accept who i was and identify with my peers in a more acceptable manner. i stopped caring who did and didn't like me. i also stopped trying to dress like "everyone else" and instead found inspiration in the unique. this was about the time that grunge music was sweeping the nation and "clarissa explains it all" was on nickelodeon, so i was damn cool.

point is, i do not wish to project my own subjectivity based on past experience to my children. but i do want to provide them with the best education that i can - and at this time, i just wouldn't feel comfortable sending my youngest boys to the public school in our district. SO long story short, i was printing off materials in preparation for our preschooling, which i will begin next week.

i came across this wealth of information and started reading through the materials. in the "parent preparation" of the unit studies, the author mentions how previously she always felt her toddler was in the way, underfoot and that once a waldorf-method of homeschooling was adopted, everything changed as she engaged her toddler's help with chores. i'm hoping for such a huge shift in our day to day activity, as well. i'm also wondering if it will justify the purchase of a learning tower. still not sure what i'll do with the infant during all of our "schooling" since as crunchy as i'd like to be, i can't wear him in a carrier all day long.

i'll keep you posted!

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