September 1, 2009

i have been meaning to post a psuedo-tutorial and pictures of my fleurville hana alteration/modification/whatever, but the delusion i had that the third baby would have an easy time teething was simply that. a delusion.

i still think my oldest had the roughest time and so far the baby was handling it as well as the toddler did. but really, this is only the second-night into what i hope is actual teething. you know the kind that results in visible teeth? yes, can we just please move through this phase quickly? because his gums have been bothering him for a month or more and maybe it's like prodromal labor. it seems like it's never going to end but a lot of the work has been done upfront.

i'm hoping, as we've got more symptoms now.

fever. clinginess. drowsiness except, you know, during the time when everyone else in the house is asleep or wants to be. excessive drool. the heartbreaking sobs produced when whoever is holding him (raises hand: it's me. only me) even thinks about sitting down.

so. instead of taking full advantage of the infant motrin and C-batteries in the infant swing and uploading pictures to showcase my DIY-action on a diaper bag, i'm going to go to bed.

because i have a feeling i'll be up again before the sun.

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