July 8, 2015

paint-block. poem-time.

i was going to say i should be painting
but i should remove the word should
from my vocabulary

i am writing

a year ago i started out on a journey
at once brave and foolish
for one can never know
just how ill-equipped they are
before stepping foot outside
and continuing past the comfort zone

if you knew the extent of my forgiveness
i might be considered a saint
but i also swear
and sometimes have
an unresolved heart

though i'm working on that, too
because resentment sucks

what if i just said
i love this life i love this life
over and over again
even when the shit gets tough
and i say i want to run away

i love this life i love this life
i will sit with what resides within
until i can seek outside interests
without going without

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