April 20, 2013

this is a long drive...

a week ago, today, i was on my way to see modest mouse in tucson. i was apprehensive about it for several reasons, the main one, i think, ironic as it is, was being alone with my own thoughts. for that long. did i mention i was by myself? i kind of didn't want to have a breakdown of emotional sobs on the road, you know? and i didn't.

no. that came afterward at the hotel and on the way home. /sidenote.

also, i just couldn't even believe that it was happening. like shortly after i bought my ticket my mom and some friends were like, "omg i can't believe you're going on your own, aren't you scared? that sucks, being at a concert by yourself sucks, it all sucks."

i had to breathe a lot and remind myself that usually, at concerts, i'm either with a girlfriend or i'm the third wheel. i have had plenty of those experiences, and well, they can kind of suck, too. going alone was some test of strength, sure, but it was also maybe a little badass and besides, i couldn't have seen modest mouse with someone that didn't really like them or only marginally liked them. that would have sucked way more.

it had been hard to get really excited, though. the week prior my youngest had been the sickest any of my kids have ever been. eight days of pure stomach virus hell. it was horrible and had taken away any and all emphasis on trivial things like what i might wear or when i would pack. even two days before the trip i wasn't sure i could actually do it. was i feeling sick? oh, the panic of not having packed yet, and of course, my house was a mess because i'd been doing laundry, caring for sick baby, and sleeping for eight whole days. everything else was a non-priority. it was really good practice being in the moment.

it had to be one breath at a time, regardless. i just couldn't believe that i was "going to see modest mouse" until i was standing in front of the stage that isaac brock was on.

it's not a great picture. i don't care.

then that happened.

afterward, some dude at the show, that was definitely high, asked me if the show was life-changing and i was like no but when i got home i realized the whole trip was. of course.

below is a visual tour through more than 900 miles and two days by myself followed by a miss happypants announcement...

yeah, these directional pictures all have modest mouse lyrics on them

hotel congress. some online reviewer was right. "historic" here means "old and gross" but also charming.  

(again, not a great picture but also SO great.)

the next day. this happened.

i met the fabulous tara catalano at ikea but didn't take photos of our adorable selves because, well, i'd slept three hours (maybe) the night before and wasn't adorable.

my husband was worried about me driving home on such little sleep and i spent a little too much time at ikea so i got the added bonus of meeting a long-time livejournal friend, as well, and staying the night in phoenix before completing my circular trip.  

saguaros are exciting even if you're from NM
so is window rock. 

i can't believe it's been a week. i haven't fully unpacked. i haven't done laundry.

but i totally assembled and put away my ikea haul.
i also started painting with wild abandon. it's like this. some people get massages or go on retreat. some might visit with long-time friends or have date nights. others may eat right and exercise. this was my self-care. a solo road trip, seeing my favorite band for the first time, and a hellacool shopping spree in my favorite place, without kid-interruption. meeting some cool people and seeing friends was a bonus. the whole thing was my bliss.

even though it was exhausting, it provided the fuel to get some new stuff started and finish some old stuff.

(new stuff)
(old stuff, newly completed)
since i got back i've also been preparing some old stuff and some new stuff for the third annual microscale show at metallo gallery. i drop off my artwork next week! 

pretty stacked canvases

my first gallery experience + my artwork on the postcard = way exciting.

reception is may 4 from 4-8pm and the show runs until may 31. 
local folks click on the link above for directions and other info!


  1. How incredibly brave of you to do that trip and concert on your lonesome!
    I'm cheering you on the whole way :D

  2. I agree with Jane! Brave brave brave... I'm glad you found your peace on the trip... and I hope it stays with you for a while!

    1. thanks, erin! i'm slow at responding but some of the magic is still definitely here!


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