February 27, 2013

stand in your truth + tell your story

i often hear that we must tell our story. i mean, it's one of those everywhere messages that's become a part of me and i don't actually hear it anymore.

another one is that we should simply focus on the positive, the good, the light. i've said as much, myself.

i do as much.

but lately i've been thinking about standing in our truth. we must also do that.
(and to focus on the good should not mean we also deny the not-so-good).

i say i'm writing a memoir but inside i don't even know if i can because writing the truth is scary. even if it's not elaborate or collaborated, the truth is sometimes unkind.

i will write my story, focusing on the good, and standing in my truth.

and still, to someone, or some several, it will be unkind. they will wish i hadn't said it. they will wish i had forgotten. they will wish i would have lied.

i know it's no secret that writing requires some amount of bravery...while i was reading my friend candace walsh's memoir licking the spoon i was applauding her bravery the whole way through. identifying with some of the similarities in our upbringing made it impossible to breathe, at times, but it also allowed me to recognize how BOLD she is in her truth. i admire her greatly because of it and even in the face of backlash, she stood strong.

me, a cookie candace made, her yummy book, and my funky slippers!

while my mother is actually the last person i'm worried about, candace also wrote a helpful reminder of we should write our memoirs (even if our mothers are still alive) and i hope someday to be half as brave!

check it: if you're in the santa fe area head on over to studio nia tomorrow for a free dance jam @ 5:45pm and meet candace - she'll be doing a book signing there @ 7pm!

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