June 1, 2012

friday five - i remembered!

this is going to be short and sweet because today is busy already and i feel all sorts of all over the place.

i'm going to give a short run-down of good things going down because there are so many un-good things that i must must must focus on the good or i'll get swept away to the land of fear. so. moving along. this week's good things are as follows:

1. i gave myself the room i needed. i have a "studio" - a real space, with a door that closes, that is all mine, that doesn't have toys in it (except mine). it was my oldest son's room, i think i mentioned this before, and it was a bittersweet, but necessary step for me to make. everyone that suggests that artists can just make art on our kitchen table doesn't live with two little boys and a husband that tries very, very hard to accept his wife's messy inner artist. i have worked this way for six years and 1. i don't have a lot to show for it and 2. it was a challenge that was so unworth it at times i'd just pack up my paints for months at a time. so. this is a good thing and i have to have to have to get over feeling selfish. ugh, there's lots of baggage to shake out but it's a work in progress and this was the next natural progression.

2. i have been experimenting and still feel all over the place in terms of styles that appeal to and emerge from me. i like this little winged girl though i'm not sure i will create other pieces similar to her.

3. in a few hours i'm showing some of my work to someone in charge of approving artists for an annual arts in the park event i've wanted to participate in, for oh, about six years. yay! <------ that's me, cheering for myself. it's not as easy as it looks.

4. i ordered some new moo cards. i'm also a new affiliate for them and have so many good things to say about them - i love them so much, they're hard to hand out! at this point, most of us know what they are or have ordered from them before but if you're not familiar with them, they are worth checking out! they're fab!
Business Cards, MiniCards, Postcards and more

5. between now and july we are going on two road trips and one actual vacation (even if it's business related, we're making it vacation-y) and driving! my husband is super opposed to driving long distances but we're doing it. i'm not overly stoked like all high expectations and what-not, but i'm stoked!

do you have any good stuff to share on this fabulous first day of june? and how is it already june?


  1. Hello!
    Such a "happy place"... first time visitor.
    I really enjoyed my visit. :]
    Cheers to you!! For your "creative space".


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