May 29, 2012

balance is tough

UPDATE: pics and winners are actually in this post now. yay!

i was supposed to draw winners on friday for my giveaway. and i didn't.

then saturday came and i learned that the zombie apocolypse might really be upon us and i've sort of been ill at the thought ever since.

also, because i try to be the best mom that i can be and my kids hate when i'm on the computer, i don't ever feel like i can "blog" when they're awake but by the time they're asleep i am usually mentally, emotionally, and physically spent. that's just the name of the game, sometimes.

i do want to thank amy again for her wonderful, fabulous, superbly awesome all together now idea!

i'd also like to set judah straight (no pun intended) but i think i'm the worst at procrastinating/getting distracted and my lack of punctuality is almost intrinsic.

i did draw winners, it just so happened that it didn't happen until monday. and then. i just didn't get the time to sit down and blog until now. but i'm entirely too tired to actually upload all the cute pictures of my little ones drawing names from the velvet bag that came with their magic set.

UPDATE: i am posting the pictures. i am announcing the winners. yay!

there were 21 comments entered - i break rules ALL.the.time. so i wrote names on a ticket for every commenter, even the ones that did not leave themselves a compliment.

 then i asked my six year old to put the tickets in the bag and shake them up and let me take photos and hold the handle just so ...

...then he decided he "didn't even want to do this in the first place" and i rolled my eyes and asked my three year old to come draw names. so as random as it can be with a three year old drawing tickets, he did take five out and then stop so i didn't have to put any back.

and stay tuned tomorrow because i will make the time to upload the pics and announce winners for real. even if my kids are complaining that i'm not devoting 100% of my attention to them.

so, without further ado....

the cheapo tickets from the dollar store and my handwriting may not make for the best picture so i'll type out the winners names, too :)

we've got:
debbie (ardor71)
amy m.
pan's daughter

i'm pretty slack-r-ific (obviously) and i didn't make everyone leave me their email addresses SO i will probably make my rounds and let y'all know that you won on your blogs or FB but please please email me, too, if i take forever which is likely. valeriblossom  [at]  gmail  {dot}  com

p.s. i ship faster than i blog.
p.p.s. this was so much fun!

congrats to the winners :)

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  1. You are funny :)
    I feel the same way about blogging when the kid is hard to get it all done at night...especially when I need to take pictures, then forget until I'm sitting down to blog that I need the sun to do this properly...

    Congrats to your winners!


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