December 20, 2011


the other day, some delightful kids shoes caught my eye. i was somewhat in a hurry so i grabbed a postcard advert for the shoes so i could look them up again when i had time.

the company is called chooze. when i looked more carefully at the postcard i realized the shoes match or coordinate but the left and right pair are not identical. awesome!

i silently wished they made them for adults.

well, today i decided to check out their website and they do!
they make them for women and i think i need this pair:

also, i think pea and sprout may need some of these adorable boy shoes - do you know how hard it is to find fun, free-spirited shoes for boys? well, chooze has just made it a little bit easier.

loving those stars. hard.

also loving these ones in the toddler sizes.

actually, both boys pair come in little and big kid sizing.
pea and sprout could have a mix and match free for all if they had four shoes to "chooze" from.
oh, mama's getting all giddy with excitement.

know what else is exciting? chooze doesn't just make simply delightful shoes with cotton and other vegan-friendly materials, they're a company with a wonderful philanthropical foundation.

they invest their profits in educational and loan programs to help impoverished women start businesses of their own.

**bonus** each pair of shoes is packaged in an "art box" that can be decorated and re-used/re-purposed in all kinds of fun ways.

can you say, i love this company?

they are currently running a design contest, too, so get out your art supplies and let your child's imagination and creativity flourish for a chance to see their design on a pair of chooze shoes!

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