June 3, 2011

i am never really creative with these titles...

a long time ago i used to title all of my livejournal entries with the title of a song or a string of lyrics that were sometimes related to whatever i was writing about but mostly the connection was personal and sometimes completely unrelated but sounded good at the moment.

other times i'd leave the title blank.

this is how i often still feel. blank. i have stuff to write about. i want to write. but to title every little thing is a tedious task i don't have the brain juices to complete. meh, i didn't mean to start off lamenting some of my waning talents, this is an exciting post! i'm excited!

first of all, my test print of "follow your own path" came out great and the full piece has been unveiled and is now available in one of my etsy shops. it is the first finished piece that i have truly fallen in love with and so it was fittingly the first piece that i submitted for possible publication.

and it's getting published!

it will be featured in the summer issue of pasticcio quartz, an indie 'zine completely compiled and published by two very awesome ladies, miss angela cartwright and the lovely sarah fishburn.

it only now occurred to me that this very piece speaks to individuality and bravery while suggesting the trepidation and uncertainty that lies on an unknown and unfamiliar path, even if it is one's very own. by stepping outside of my comfort zone recently i have taken my own advice so this was very fitting, indeed.

also, someone recently contacted me about an advertising opportunity for a Midwives Alliance of North America regional conference based on my enid and oscar print. i'm not yet sure which of the available avenues i'd like to take but i was just thrilled to even be asked to participate for a cause close to my heart, in a region far from my own.

and speaking of babywearing art, i am so happy with how my most recent digital work came out. it looks rather than different than the original sketch which had a mama with longer hair and a detailed walking path but i find that i like the simplicity of a few-color palette with my digital works so much more that i am finally pleased to introduce frida and kahlo...

an awesomuffin babwearing pair

well, i guess that's all folks. this friday morning, i have a to-do list three thousand miles long and i've only just begun :)

have a blessed day!

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