March 24, 2011

messages from the universe #1

i always get messages from the universe. my last post was too long to include these two, in particular, but they really deserve their own space, anyway. two weeks ago my freewill astrology horoscope was so beyond fitting since i often do look at my current situation as a "predicament" similar to having my liver pecked at all day long. read ahead...

"Dear Mr. Astrologer: Like the god Prometheus, I stole fire from the gods and gave it to people who sometimes make awful use of it. As punishment, the gods chained me to a rock on the beach, and arranged for an eagle to come daily to eat my liver. Luckily, the liver grows back every night. Unluckily, the eagle always returns to devour it again. I'm used to it by now; it doesn't hurt as much as it once did. But I'm still eager to get out of my predicament. Any suggestions? Aries in Limbo." Dear Aries: Your rescue is scheduled for no later than your birthday, possibly before. In the meantime, the best thing you can do to prepare for your release is to feel gratitude for all you've learned during your ordeal.
needless to say, i've been holding these words very close to my heart since i first read them.
was yesterday's phone call my "rescue"?
also, after discussing my decisions and choices with my husband last night, i was left pretty much with what i started with. he'd support me, of course, in any decision i'd make but at the current moment, not financially. i knew this. i mean he provides the home, the insurance, the support - except for, you know, the credit card bills i've amassed. so. i just wondered if he had any words of wisdom i hadn't yet heard or thought of myself. he didn't but he did provide a good listening ear and the go-ahead to do what i want, probably because he knows i would do whatever i wanted to, anyway.
today, though, he sends me an email - it's the daily motivator. he gets them delivered to his inbox daily. i don't see these messages every day and this one, in particular, is just another message from the universe. speaking loud and clear!

 Thursday, March 24, 2011
Go ahead and do it anyway

Somebody is going to criticize what you do. Do it anyway. 
There will be problems and complications that come up, and you won’t get it finished as quickly as you planned. Do it anyway.

Right now there’s something you sincerely want to achieve, or experience, or become, or express. And though there are endless excuses for not moving forward on it, there’s also one very compelling reason to go ahead and get it done.

If you truly desire it, and believe in it, and know it’s worthwhile, then it’s something you are meant to do. And it’s something that somehow, in some way, can absolutely happen for you.

But it won’t just happen because you want it to. It will happen when you focus the power of your spirit and awareness persistently in the direction that makes it happen.

Go ahead, and experience the priceless joy of living with meaningful purpose. Go ahead, and make it happen.

— Ralph Marston

i have a meeting tomorrow. a decision will follow. think i'll go ahead and make it happen ;)

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