March 15, 2011

home sweet home

home and the house are going to be big topics in coming months. still. see yesterday's post about not being completely settled in yet. also note that i am not feeling the creative groove for blog titles but i think i could make something up using the word "home" for several more weeks.

winners of the love + toast parfum have been announced. yay!

and today i am wondering how best to finally round out our master bedroom, now that we have matching dressers. see our bed is simply the box springs and mattress sitting on a frame. that's it. that's boring.

i always wanted a more modern, simple, zen-like feel in the bedroom with a platform bed and coordinating furniture pieces but there was always a part of me that still wanted mismatched solid wood antique furnishings throughout the entire house, with bits of modern dispersed throughout. so i'm going with that, obviously, and i think that an updated simplistic headboard or platform bed would just throw off the entire vibe going on in the master. whatever that vibe is, i have yet to figure out, but the energy in the room and what i am trying to achieve is a relaxing retreat with energizing and refreshing elements. how contradictory, no?

that said, i came across this website and  i think i love every single idea they have and am suddenly kicking myself for dismissing the wooden room divider i saw on clearance at cost plus the other day. i wasn't thinking outside of the box but it would have made the perfect headboard!

the floral wooden headboard in the above link is super charming, but also...

these old rustic frames are TDF cute!

an iron room divider might be better than a wooden one...

i think this is my absolute favorite idea...i could get my paint on or use pretty fabric...

but this would be the ultimate choice, if i could find a slender, tall bookshelf...

i'm excited. the possibilities are endless and anything but boring. i can really make this my own. so much better a prospect than picking out an understated platform bed like i had previously considered. *and* more doable...i can get one of these projects done before we could go out and buy ourselves a new bed.

now that a platform is out of the running, i need to get us a bed skirt. i don't know why, in the five years since we got the bed, i haven't bothered to get one but the exposed box springs bother me SO much. ooooh, this is going to be so fun!


  1. Hi! Just wondering if you tried to email me. My computer has been acting up lately.

  2. i didn't. i am a complete slacker and i apologize BUT i am emailing your info to vivi girl shop right now so they'll get in touch with you and send out your prize this week :)


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