January 27, 2011

three of my favorite things all put together

what three things?

why, threadless + thermos + target, of course!

i have no idea what rock i've been living under but i missed the announcement of this odd-ball grouping and was pleasantly surprised while browsing my nearest target, last night.

i don't know what made these particular entities decide to partner together but it's like one of my dork-fantasies come true!

i mean, if you're not familiar with threadless, get familiar - they've got something for everyone. really.

and who doesn't love target? and thermos?

okay, maybe you're scratching your heads at the last one but let me tell you - one of my favorite things about school was (obviously) shopping for supplies, because i love new pencils and new paper and new crayons but also, i loved getting a new lunchbox with that fun little thermos drink container inside. i was pissed when the red flip-up spout was deemed a potential choking hazard and they were all made like soup containers. but anyway, thermos redeemed themselves a few years ago with the introduction of foogos and all the pretty stainless food containers. so they're like one of my top ten favorite things again.

in case you didn't know, i have a bit of a drinking vessel addiction so every now and then i browse the sippy cups and grown up to-go/resuables aisles in any store that sells them.

last night was one of those times i wander on through the camping and thermos and lunchbox section at target. i noticed some newly designed bottles that were not only shaped like nothing i'd seen before but from afar the designs looked hip. like even more hip than usual. were they new siggs? i had to take a closer look and whoa. i saw a threadless logo - to be more exact, a thermos + threadless logo!

and it got better. there were also insulated lunch bags and i have, like, been stalking target for cool insulated lunch bags that i can carry cross-body style. and sometimes they have some. and sometimes they go on clearance, but there has never been a style i'd pay full price for and by the time they are clearanced, only the fug ones are left. so i splurged. there was a single one that called my name and probably wasn't going to remain on the shelf for much longer.

it doesn't look like it's made of the most highest quality, never to wear out, type of material, but i baby my bags and expect it will suit my needs just fine and dandy-like!

and it's pretty.


the bottles are cool - and one of my favorite designs is on one, but i don't know that i'll be getting one any time soon. they seem as thin as siggs and i'd just be all unhappy if the paint chipped as easily as it does on siggs. plus, the spout is like a wide open sipper thing and i can't imagine there's anything "thermos"-like about it meaning there's no insulated feature, won't keep anything hot or cold and i'm sort of over stainless drinking vessels. because they chip.

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