January 31, 2011


the house is in total disarray and even though i already took photos for a photo-tour, i've been dealing with a sick baby since last thursday night and i'm just not with it enough to make that entry. so, instead, i'm going to share with you the happiness that landed in my mailbox sometime last week in the form of my mini moo cards.

first. the pretty boxes. i don't think you could understand how much i love these boxes. with their smooth finish and rounded corners. it's silly.

again. because they are so pretty. even on the outside.

i had three sets made for two etsy shops.

the first set includes preloaded art from moo's website that i selected from an awesome assortment of images and then cropped to my specifications. info for slightlyimperfect is on the back.

mini moo cards

next, is a set for awesomuffin, adorned with my own uploaded art. some of them didn't come out as i expected but that's because i know very little about color calibration and didn't even bother. and i like them, nonetheless.

mini moo cards

and finally, another set for awesomuffin, to be used as tags more so than business cards...

mini moo cards

because they made me ridiculously cheery, i took more pictures of them. and you can click through any of the above images to see the rest ;)

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