October 3, 2010

i heart regretsy

i haven't yet had my morning cup of coffee, so my blog title is beyond bland.
so it goes.

the other night regretsy put out a call to create and i decided to participate in a silly hat-making contest.

actually, i decided to use the opportunity as a means to connect and have fun with the boys and avoid making dinner for another hour, but who was i kidding? facebook was WAY more important to my fourteen year old, so it was just me and pea at the kitchen table.

sprout was there, too, but more eating yogurt melts than participating.

the four year old and i got to work and had a blast! we had a six hour deadline and we were sure to meet it. except. when i tried to upload the photos of our creation, my card reader froze on the laptop and i couldn't access the desktop and i was tired so after dinner and kidlet bedtime, this mama fell asleep. i thought about getting out of bed a couple of times since i had until 1:00 a.m. but it didn't happen.

the next morning (yesterday) i felt like i had to send these pictures off, for their intended purpose, which may have actually cheapened the experience my son and i had while crafting together, but damn it, i wanted his work to be seen by regretsians everywhere even though i knew we weren't going to "win". i mean, we couldn't win, it took us all of fifteen minutes from start to finish (clean-up included, even).

so, eight hours late, i was editing the pictures and emailing april winchell. even apologetic, as if i were emailing a professor a late paper and oh how i can count on both hands how often i did that!

i honestly didn't expect anything to come of it - she had over 200 entries!

and then this morning, after taking care of some email business, i moseyed on over to facebook and saw the regretsy updates - and there, in the special mentions is my little crafter!

scroll down, we're #5!


  1. I love regretsy too. I have to say that ever since I discovered them and the top worst regretsy (the paintings made from ...parts of a woman...I'd say more if it was my blog!) are about as regretsy as it gets. TOOO funny. Missed the hat post but I'm waist deep in continent bins, hops and swaps. I think I lost a child somewhere near the Africa bin...or perhaps South America?....


  2. whoooo! i seriously had to delete over 100 blogs to get under 300 but finally got you added. let this be a testament to how cool i think you are ;0)

  3. thank you stacy! you are beyond cool, yourself!!!i had no idea blogger had a limit of 300 blogs (and i am amazed that you had well-exceed that limit since i think there are less than 20 on my blog-roll, so far...of course i have to import old entries from my other two blogs and add whatever blogs i used to follow, but still, it'll be a while before i'm close to following 300. heh.)


thanks you for making a connection. all comments and feedback are like little sprinkles of starshine!

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