October 1, 2010

happy friday

today i'm going to share some of the small things that have brought a smile to my face in the last few days.

not to say these are the only things that have made me smile, but there is a theme to this simple joy and i didn't realize it until i came home on wednesday with some pretty "ski teal we drop" OPI nail lacquer.

i had finally made a point to spend a gift certificate at a local aveda salon and even though the ingredients in OPI products are almost against everything aveda promotes (and everything i stand for), this really caught my eye. it is so pretty!!

OPI Nail Lacquer, Ski Teal We Drop, 0.5-Fluid Ounce

so, i couldn't resist. along with some be curly and shampure shampoo and conditioner, i brought home some nail polish with the intent to try it out right away. it has been way too long since i'd experienced even a minor amount of pampering so i straightened out the house first since we had prospective renters coming by that evening, then i gave myself a pedicure and went about painting my toenails, as a small pat on the back.

later that night i climbed into one of my favorite pair of pj bottoms and was so silly happy at the coincidence of how well they matched my toes!

these particular pants also remind me of peacocks which leads me to my new hip holster from namaste in the peacock color, which, oddly, enough, also really matches my toes...

namaste peacock hip holster and my cute loungefly skully charm

now, namaste makes all manner of knitting bags and this new, compact hip holster could serve as a project bag for the on-the-go knitter, but in my case, it's just acting as a small purse. it makes a cute shoulder bag and also has the longest adjustable cross-body strap i've ever seen (but i'm too lazy to measure it right now, just take my word for it). so even though i'm not using this for anything knit-related, i did actually pick up the needles last weekend and even finished what i started before the week was over. exciting, i know!

wouldn't you know that the yarn i used (elliebelly's "copper patina") also happened to contain lots of teal-ish blue-sy hues?

craziness, i tell you!

this baby is probably going to end up on etsy because it is slightly too big on me and i want to do something different with the section right after the picot edge.

okay, here is a better representation of the colors in this scrumptious yarn!

and that's that! happy friday, un-teal next time....

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  1. that is funny un teal next time, hmmm funny ive been working on a painting of nothing but peacock feathers, must be something kinetic, I almost bought a teal colored t-shirt 75% off at target, for 2.48, then didnt want to spend 2.48 on myself, so I bought john a new shower curtain for 3.74 instead, thanks for this post, I will do a little pamparing tonight...


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