September 9, 2010

minor hiatus

well. i woke up early. before i sat down to my cup of coffee, i debated whether or not to put cow's milk or rice milk in it. i've been on rice milk for months, healing digestive issues that had plagued me for years and about four months ago it seemed like avoiding dairy had done the trick and i was all better. i slowly eased myself back into the world of dairy with milk or real cream in my coffee and every now and then, vanilla ice cream. still golden, but i recently decided to buy rice milk again, just to be on the safe side.

i'm sure they didn't change the ingredients in rice dream and i'm sure i've read the label before, since i buy it by the case at costco, but only now does it bother me that there could be sunflower oil and/or safflower oil and/or canola oil in my rice milk . it more than bothers me. it completely grosses me out and i know it's all in my head but i can totally taste the canola oil. that's all it tastes like to me, i'm convinced there is no safflower and/or sunflower oil. just canola. and i'm drinking it in my coffee. excuse me while i go puke.

i'll finish the case since this stuff isn't cheap, and hey, maybe the oil is good for the digestive tract. i've been known to swallow coconut oil by the spoonful for that reason alone.

and there you have it. this is the thought process i go through as i make a simple decision. milk or rice milk? i opt for rice milk but know i won't enjoy it and here i am.

in other news: i had a dream that whole foods (of all places) had received a limited supply of organic crib mattresses and that the mini/portable crib size was only $50. i was intent on purchasing one because we have a mini crib and i intend to turn into a toddler bed to keep in our new bedroom, because even though sprout and pea will share a room, one or both of them will still end up in ours. i know this.

i wake up before everyone else and have that rare opportunity to check my email in peace and quiet. a woman that i had emailed over a month ago about an organic mini crib mattress was just getting back to me. she was selling the mattress on a yahoo group i belong to for $45 and she had just got the shipping quote for me. with all the crazy "increase in bedbugs across the US" headlines these days i don't actually know that i'll pursue this but i thought it was weird. i had completely forgotten that i'd emailed her in august, then i dream about a screaming deal on a mattress, and she'd emailed me sometime during the night.

in other, other news: it may very well be that everything house-wise is working out but because this road has been rocky and unstable and produced a few false-starts, i'm not saying anything else until we're a little more certain. okay, i'll say this. if all goes well, our home will be occupied by a nice family with a lease to own agreement and we'll be closing on our new house on october 25th.

awesome papa rented us a small storage unit yesterday and we both loaded up our cars and made two trips last night, clearing up just about everything we've packed thus far. it's crunch-time and i love it!

blog on minor hiatus....

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