August 18, 2010

stop the presses, hold the phones...

we are (or were?) about to put an offer in on the house we saw the other day. the one with the ticking time bomb plumbing. we are (were?) going to offer significantly lower than their asking price, considering comparison homes in the same area as well as the actual, overal condition of the home *and* also a further reduction to cover the cost of a re-plumb which can be as much as $15,000. we called. we got quotes. one plumber alone said his company always has at least 3 or 4 of these types of polybutylene replumbs on their books every single week in this one, small suburb alone! so we know we're not making mountains of molehills but chances are the sellers won't be very motivated to take us up in our offer (though i wonder if they had known the serious complications that come along with polybutylene, would they have put so much time, money, and effort into real wood floors, oak built-ins, and beautiful ceramic tiles, throughout? probably not - so i'm betting they're are completely unaware of the issue).

BUT anyway. i just came across another home. even older (maybe so old it actually has copper pipes??) with so many, SO many things i like...the whole southwestern appeal with a true courtyard out front and wooden tongue and groove ceilings and the kitchen...oh my gosh - they've updated nearly everything but left the neatest, vintage, GREEN cabinets.

i think i'm in love!

i'm waiting for a call back from the realtor. i'd like him to look into it and see what type of pipes it has before i make an appointment to go see this place, but wow. this home is nearly the same size as the other, but it's a single story. also has tile throughout (though it really is throughout...even in the bedrooms), a fireplace, built-ins, an office with french doors, an eat-in kitchen. the only thing it lacks is pretty greenery in the backyard but the other house, the one we were (are?) about to put an offer on, has nearly an entire backyard full of grass and there is a happy medium to be met. i'd rather plant what we need, than tear out existing green stuff and a backyard full of gravel and shrubs is easier to manage than one that needs constant watering and mowing.

but oh. that kitchen!

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