August 9, 2010

not really a walmart shopper.

i don't even qualify as a part-time person of walmart, i swear, even if i have exceeded my quota this year and stepped foot inside of a walmart more than six times in the past few weeks.

i was searching for a blasted toy story 3 toy that freakin' broke the day after i finally hunted one down.

that's another story, entirely, but it was during one of those trips that i found the coolest toy story toy bin contraption. i was so unexplainably attracted to it, after having avoided toy bins for years...behold, the stock photo is crap, but the bin is really a choice color, with deep blues and greens which is my new favorite color combination, in case you didn't know.

when i noticed that it was cheaper online and i could ship it to the house for a whopping 97 cents, i couldn't resist. my justification? it would help me keep all the plastic toys in check. the bottom, larger bin would be reserved for actual toy story toys, the medium bins would hold toddler sized playmobils (there's probably an actual name for them) and duplos (the actual name for toddler sized legos), and the smaller bins could hold miscellany that wouldn't last long in this house. that was really another story, too, but i shared it.

anyhow, today i was at walmart, again. this time i was on the hunt for cleaning supplies that awesome papa used to buy there before finding a local volume supplier, who happens to be out, and the walmart he had stopped by didn't have any and it was a cleaning company emergency because he needed these pumice stones NOW so i was like two minutes away from walmart when i called about something entirely unrelated but i heard his woeful tale and offered to go look...

i didn't find them. it's like they stopped carrying pumice stones. i mean, with all these new-fangled swiffer this and disposable toilet brushes that, good old fashioned (and natural) cleaning supplies are just so uncool. so, not like that was my point or anything, but as i'm walking towards the back to the cleaning supplies, i spot the cutest, fleece-lined hoodies in the boys' section. cute.est. i'm telling you, again, with the crap stock photo...

because, you see, even though i'm sort of not a fan of polyester fleece, in hats and wintery things, it's actually okay. and i was seriously contemplating what i could sell to buy some overpriced (likely, also made in china), similar hoodie from mini boden. see.....

aside from the fact that boden employs talented photographers to make their stuff look super cozy, the ones at walmart were easily comparable. because i had extensively studied the boden catalog when it arrived a few weeks ago, i knew that their hoodies were lined with a "shaggy" fleece throughout hood and body, while the arms were lined in cotton. so were the ones at walmart.

cost comparison got me here....i'd have been a moron to pass on the walmart hoodie for $14 because the mini boden hoodie is $50. i know, to some people, that's not a huge deal but i would be hard pressed to even spend that much on a jacket (much less a hoodie) for myself. really. my boden trench was purchased at the end of the season, two years ago, for 80% off!

now the only reason i really wanted one from boden was because they have this sweet star printed hoodie...

luckily, walmart had a brown one, which i got for pea (the XXL would have been too small for bean!)

and if i'm so inclined i might bust out a star-shaped stamp, the fabric paint, and go to town!

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