August 10, 2010

letdown or house update #3

i am so tired of looking at houses already. have i said that before? because i don't think you understand...i really used to enjoy this sort of thing. of course, i have never in all of my life had to do this with another person or with other people in mind so i'm not complaining at all, but between what matters to me and what bothers me and what matters to my husband and what bothers him, we are two picky pears! and because, like i mentioned earlier, what usually appeals to us and bothers us about homes, are not identical it is all the more complicated. add to that that it now has to narrowed down to one zip code and well. it's limiting and i'm throwing out every single ideal and standard i had right out the window. the green, efficient, low-impact house we had decided on is like an impossibility in the area we have to move. of course, i already know, six months to a year after we're settled into whatever house we finally settle into, that builder will be in the zip code we need now. i just know it. this is the story of my life and whoa, i'm on the verge of complaining.

if you're an unsympathetic male please make arrangements to stop reading now.

we're now looking at homes that are so old that nothing about them is energy efficient and in order to make them energy efficient it will take thousands of dollars. i don't mind older homes, but these have very little charm and very shitty windows. the one we looked at today, the one i was all excited about? meh.

actually i did like it. we both did but it was too close to a busy road and awesome papa just can't deal with that level of noise. being a city and suburb girl to the core, it doesn't even bother me. i lived in apartments half of my life and if it wasn't a busy road nearby it was a parking lot outside of my window, you know? if you want quiet country life, move to the country. okay, had to get that off of my chest but i'm not going to get all resentful of him. i'm not...i completely respect and understand his complaints i just don't think they're all such a big damn deal. ugh. but the carpets and wallpaper and linoleum and bathrooms were hid-e-ous and not the types of things that awesome papa would have wanted to replace right away but were the types of things that would make me want to barf every day. i mean, i'd be ill, literally. and then? there was no shower in the master bath, just a jet tub (and as cool as it sounds, in theory, jet tubs gross me out) and then in the hall bath there was only a shower. like wtf? i was to bathe my kids in my bedroom all the time? yeah, no.
so it wasn't perfect, but close. we both agreed that if it had refrigerated air, a shower in the master, and a tub in the hall (and wasn't too close to a busy street) (and didn't have ugly carpet) (and didn't have ugly linoleum) we would have made an offer.

i didn't even mind the countertops and while the placemats were, in fact, the padded icky vinyl i thought they were, it was actually lovebirds on them and NOT country geese. but yeah, not perfect.

i know we're limiting ourselves to this zip code for the right reasons and i know the right house will come along but then there's also the issue of money money money. no matter what we get approved for, awesome papa is going to want to spend like $50,000 less and that is another huge, limiting factor. i understand, i'm not working, i can't contribute yet but it's like we're close. and still so far away.

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