August 16, 2010

house update #43742873568467

that house? the one i just wrote about this morning?

yeah. it has polybutylene. of fucking course.

now, most people are scratching their heads, saying, what's the big deal? or the chances of a problem occurring are so rare that there's no major risk here.

but our current home was plumbed with poly and we did have a pipe burst and flood (thankfully) right before the class action lawsuit ended. so this house was re-plumbed with better stuff. but we've already been through that (actually, it occurred before i lived here but i was dating awesome papa at the time).

so what are the chances of it happening again, to the same people, in a different house?

i'd say, this stuff is a ticking time bomb so it's as likely to happen to us again as it would to be anyone still living in a home with these poly pipes.


i only say suck because i did not have my heart set on that home, no matter how sweet it was, but right before our realtor called with the bad plumbing news, my husband had called me so we could discuss how much he really liked that house because he didn't want to be the one driving the decision to purchase it and he usually remains unemotional about such decisions, but felt a weird, emotional connection with this home.

so i only feel bad for him. we're pretty resilient, though - we'll keep moving on in this seemingly never-fucking-ending hunt for the right home. and i'm actually looking on the bright side.

maybe we can revisit the home i'm in love that he actually understands what that emotional connection feels like.

of course, he could be so in love with the house we saw yesterday that we go forward with an offer, taking into consideration the future expense of another replumb. sigh.

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