July 24, 2010

second round of stuff i need to find...

sadly, this week's list is not much better than last's. it's so similar, in fact, that i must report that i misplaced the mail key again this week for three days. i did find the two target receipts i needed but realized we still haven't found a piece to our haba ball track. so here goes, this week:

  • red/yellow ball to ball track
  • bob the builder crocs
  • brown keens
  • necklace with name pendants
  • om soaker
  • my copy of eat, pray, love which i started reading only about a year after everyone else. at this point, i'll likely see the movie before i ever finish the book.
i had really, really hoped i'd find those two pairs of shoes this week. i even cleaned out the car and garage (not with the intention of finding them, but i thought i'd find them as a bonus since i last saw them in the trunk of my car). i'm seriously hoping they never found their way into a bag of donations =/

what have you been searching for recently?

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