July 28, 2010

midweek rundown


i was nursing the babe in hopes that he'd nap but he just climbed off my lap so i can update with two hands. awesome!

this week has been busy because it looks like *drumroll please* we're really serious about finally buying a new house. or a new-to-us house, we're not 100% committed to either yet. we're looking at three resales today, one which i looked at on monday without my husband.
and i fell in love with it.
and i want it.
a lot.

the others might be more doable if, for some reason, my husband doesn't like the first one or if the seller's don't like our offer.

after typing that, i did just literally sigh. i really want that house.

i am tempering the emotionally-driven part of me that's bouncing up and down with excitement and the calm, (sometimes) rational part of me with real working knowledge of how 1. you don't always get what you want 2. life can disappoint 3. expectations lead to dissapointment 3. you shouldn't hold unrealsitic expectations if you want to avoid disappointment and finally, 4. things always work out the way they should.

no matter what, things will be awesome - quick background: we were only supposed to be in this house for maybe a year after i moved in with the hubs and it's going on five now and we outgrew it a long time ago - but i really want THIS one particular house.

i just let out another real sigh.

but back to our regularly scheduled program:

my fifteen month old really like the plum organic stuff. like really. especially the pumpkin and banana blend. luckily, the stuff is currently on sale at toys r us (and babies r us, of course) for $1 per pouch if you buy 8 or more. this allowed me to get a small variety but if amazon ever has another friday sale, i might stock up on a case since it is such a hit around here.

my husband found my name pendant necklace. even though i asked him about it two saturdays ago because i knew i'd last seen it on his desk, it wasn't until this past saturday afternoon that he was like, "oh yeah, isn't that it hanging on the coat rack?" why, yes, yes it is.

also, found my copy of eat, pray, love. on the bookshelf where it belongs. go figure.

i was going to write about how my four year old not only got in his first street fight yesterday but also managed to cause a bit of an emergency scene when he got his arm caught in an automatic door at babies r us but the baby just climbed back up on my lap to nurse (and hopefully nap) so it'll have to wait. typing one handed or with both hands and his heavy head resting on my forearm is just not my idea of fun.

as soon as i typed that, he was off again. damn it, kid...you need a nap because i need a shower but on that note, i'll let him run wild and free and will use this time to take that shower and shave my legs. oh yes, a true luxury around here.

i'll write about pea's mishaps later.

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