January 23, 2009

so exhausted

i have been taking pictures and have wanted to share but there has been little time to upload and edit - and the majority of things i've been taking pictures of haven't even been crafty projects.

those have been on hold for a while as i was in a minor (thankfully) car accident on the 7th. i needed a few days to recover from some massive soreness, you know, in addition to already feeling crappy and sore most of the time. and then there was the process of dealing with my insurance company which (also thankfully) was a breeze.
the other party was at fault, and uninsured but my coverage and the claims adjuster couldn't have been better - the outcome i hoped for came true - and that involved my car being totalled, not for severe damages, but for lack of parts.

a lot of time and energy have been spent on decision making and compromises between my mate and i regarding everything from the possibility of just keeping my crap car and driving it as is, using the money from my insurance company and a little bit of savings to buy something decent, safe, and on the cheap, or actually taking on a small loan in addition to using our money in order to increase our car budget, and therefore our options. needless to say, trying to find another vehicle has been a chore. and we're not even done but anyhow.

i have managed to finish knitting a pair of pants for someone in trade. and one of the things i've wanted to share for a while are pictures of some of the coolest trades i've recently been involved in but at this point i'm just plain exhausted...

all the pictures are finally off of my camera but all i will leave you with is a sneak peek of how the section of my room, now belonging to the baby, is coming along.

my mom, who is more crafty than i, came over last weekend with a small dresser that once belonged to my oldest son. it had some very bold red-faced drawers so we covered them up with some cute contact paper i bought a long time ago with an unknown or long forgotten purpose. she also removed the original yellow plastic handles and attached some wooden star and moon handles i picked up a while ago, also without a purpose in mind. i love when things i collect come together well!

the result thus far is this:

i'm not sure if i want to cover up the green panel on the bottom or leave it - it does sort of coordinate well enough with the green peppa doll on top. also, the fabric box (part of the dwell studios for target "circles" line) that the doll is sitting on has green stripes and all in all they come together in a neat, but not matchy-matchy sort of way.

yesterday i picked up this cute skip hop wall organizer to hang up above the dresser. i'd liked the organizer since i first saw it but would have never paid $29.99 for it. so the trip to babies r us was worth it because the organizer was the last one left, marked down to $8.98 but rang up $6 something.

today at target i spied a simple, white wooden changing table for $29.99 on clearance, originally $119.99. i debated for a minute and then decided that yes! it was mine! i have never had an actual changing table and while i'm not even sure i'll use this as one, it will serve its purpose in giving me enough space to store and display all of our cloth diapers. i'm not sure when we'll set it up but i'm looking forward to the cuteness because i also picked up the dwell studios "circles" curtain for $3.74 and really, it's just a nice piece of pretty cotton fabric that i can fold and put over the changing table pad - not matching the color scheme exactly at all, but again, coordinating well. incidentally, i had picked up a dwell studios boppy at another target a week or so ago (yes, also on clearance) in the same circles pattern. i didn't do this on purpose but of the different lines they've had, i've only liked "circles" and "zoo" - and yes, once upon a time i picked up the zoo curtain panel on super clearance because the piece of fabric is more than a yard and at less than $4, it's a steal. one day i'll figure out what to do with that, as well, even though it's so pretty i don't want to cut it!


it actually looks good with all the other blue and brown stuff going on so it's possible that i'll use that on the changing table and not the circles panel. or maybe both, to change, as my moods often do.

anyhoo. exhausted. still.

more later.

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