January 5, 2009

holy pinwheel blanket...

as my pinwheel blanket was coming to an end, or rather, the 8 oz. skein of organic cotton i used was coming to an end, i realized it wasn't going to be nearly wide enough and i wasn't going to have enough to finish the edge in the same yarn. it's measuring about 24" across but i want it to be at least 30" and instead of ordering more yarn and hoping it would match (it's been over a year since i ordered this yarn so chances are that the dye may not be consistent) i decided to just buy some lion's brand organic cotton at michael's. so it's going to have a slightly darker edge but it'll look great. i wasn't sure what type of edge would best give this blanket a somewhat masculine feel. i'm not opposed to ruffles on a blanket for a baby boy but i'm not quite feeling it, either. so i googled and came across this flickr group specifically for pinwheel blankets. and wow! some of the color choices are amazing. some of the perfection is amazing. and some of the edges make me wish i knew how to crochet. but i'm okay with settling on a regular ol' garter or seed stitch edge.

i was eager to get the thing off my needles, though, so i already bound off. now to decide whether or not to pick up stitches and continue, or undo the bind-off and go from the last row of live stitches. decisions, decisions!

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