January 22, 2014

i'm going to disneyland and BIG news!

in two weeks i will be having lunch with one of my favorite artists + friend, mindy lacefield, the wonderfully sweet, mixed media artist + art journaling expert (+ owner of artspiration studio in mesa, az) tangie baxter, and a whole bunch of other awesome folks in downtown disney.

*pinch me*

i am so excited and also a little in disbelief that this all came together and i get to do this thing.

not just lunch. not just disney. a full three days of taking in the full, creative experience of the parks, art journaling meet-ups, a guided tour, a breakfast workshop at rainforest cafe...just. so. excited!

it's two weeks away but there may be a couple of spots left and there are some options...even an online version for those that can't make it to anaheim. 

click below for details...

now this trip wouldn't have been completely possible without gretchen, another friend of mine that i "met" online through corbyn hanson hightower, my collaborator and creative partner for the past year and a half. gretchen is taking the workshop, too, and generously offered to let me stay with her and her family at their nearby beach house. i honestly haven't even soaked this all in yet. 

me. on a beach. and in disneyland. without children...well, without my children (gretchen's four year old daughter and i are totally gonna be BFFs). i'm so giddy! a longtime friend of mine keeps reminding me NOT to feel guilty about this, to reclaim some parts of my childhood + just enjoy the experience (love you, katykins!) her words will totally carry me through this trip, because, while my husband and i are planning to take the boys to disneyland next year, i think i just might totally cry in cars land without them.

now...as if that weren't exciting enough....drumroll please...

corbyn and i have so much goodness to unleash, the first of which is our "picture book for adults" that's about to be released on amazon, like. soon. we're in the internal review process and ordering our proofs but here's a sneak peek of the cover!

squeeee! deets will be spilled here when the book is available, but also, stay abreast of all updates in a much quicker fashion by "liking" my facebook page, if you haven't already ;)

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  1. stopping by to say hello. thanks for the comment on our site. :) hope you had a magical time @ disneyland. xo, disneysisters


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