June 3, 2013

on patience + pretending

this painting was listed on esty once.
even though i knew she wasn't ready.
even though i wasn't *in love*with her.
even though i didn't even like how i'd signed my name.

title: princess of pretend

yet i resisted holding on to the piece.
uninspired with the process or just distracted.
i went ahead and listed it.

she hung around a while but didn't sell.

perhaps she was a little boring for a princess of pretend.

i pulled the listing and decided to wait until she had more to say.

last week the muse called and i listened.

i think i've (finally) learned to always always always listen and wait. to be patient with my process which is very, very slow sometimes.
through my patience she developed {~pretend~} wings and now, she's almost ready to fly...


  1. She and her land both look perfectly magical and content now :)

    Keep listening to your Muse.....

    1. thanks, cameron! definitely. always. sometimes that means a painting hangs out with me for years, but that's okay ;)


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