November 26, 2012

tiny update: monday sale + holiday inspiration

this month was a whirlwind and here we are in the last week. eep!

i have been filling my etsy shop (yay!) and as part of the thanksgiving/cyber monday buzz, i am currently offering free shipping (use code: thanks12) and some original paintings in the shop will be randomly reduced (20% off or more) throughout the day

come on over and take a look :)

i have also been clearing out and moving inward as we near december.

thinking about tradition, the idea of our lovely advent elf who usually hangs, empty, was giving me anxiety. i don't want to fill it with candy and i don't want to get the kids the usual cheapo chocolate calendars from trader joes.

today, while flipping through the latest issue of maryjanes farm the perfect solution was revealed!
an advent calendar holiday to-do list!!!

photo from my issue of maryjanes farm dec/jan2013 issue

the perfect blend of actually crossing things off that to-do list, spending quality family time together, and creating memories full of tradition, old and new alike. can't love it more. file under: why didn't i think of that? no, really.

some of the suggestions are: make holiday cards, family game night, perform a random act of kindness...oh the personal touches and possibilities are endless. much planning to do - i'll post pics when our cards are made and our elf is up :)

oh...and one more little thing...

cuppows! you know, those awesome lids that make drinking from mason jars all kinds of easier?

right now you can get $2 off by following this referral link (offer good until 11/29).

but wait, there's more! you can also take 25% off your entire order today and get free shipping with the purchase of four or more items. use code: majormonday2012

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  1. Wow! You are busy! I wish you great success and that's a great idea for advent, you've given me some inspiration! :)


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