October 6, 2012

what i am and am not currently up to

i am back in my studio.

it's good.

sometimes all i do is sit in there and write.

sometimes i pick up the brushes.

i am currently obsessed with caran d'Ache neocolor II water soluable pastelsand don't know how i've lived without them this long. definitely now a go-to supply staple.

i also currently have no interest in doing laundry. none. absolute zero. i even have new clothes that i'd like to wear but can't because they haven't been washed yet.

i am swinging pretty hard these days between awesome-ness and bum-ed-ness.

welcome autumn.

i am looking forward to hoodies and handwarmers and the fantastical feeling of holding huge ceramic mugs full of coffee or hot cocoa in my hands but i am also very, very intune with my seasonal focus on death and decay and you know, after thirty-three years, i'm pretty used to it and seem to ride the tide well but this year i am oscillating wildly between feeling lost and aimless and feeling completely anchored; stuck.

in the past i may have said something like it's all about balance but balance is an act.

that said, here's a sneak peek at one of my new paintings. it was inspired by an old sketch of mine and pink floyd's "brain damage." to elaborate further would be impossible. i'm currently at the point where i feel no need to explain my art, or rather, i feel there will always be a need to but the need isn't mine and i'm not capable at the moment.

there's someone in my head but it's not me

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