June 25, 2012

happy {some kind of anniversary} to us :)

today my husband and i are celebrating something. i don't know if it's our wedding anniversary, a few months late, the summer that we first met or the following summer when we became inseparable. it doesn't matter.

yesterday i found out that he'd told his sister-in-law about me that first summer, nine years ago. for those of you that don't know, my husband had been friends with my aunt and her husband for 20+ years. we met at a graduation party for my aunt's husband (he's been part of the family since i was 10 but it's weird to call him my uncle since he and my aunt are more like my friends).

we all got together for the fourth of july that year, too, but he was just starting his business and i was still a hot mess and i knew it. i knew that i liked this guy but there was no way i was in any sort of place to have a healthy relationship (and i wanted a healthy relationship).

the following summer, the future awesome papa and i met at my aunt's house again. and the rest is, as they say, history.

tonight we're celebrating us.

i was thinking about our wedding and how nonchalant we both sort of felt about it and still do, hence the casual celebration of our two year anniversary, three months later. it wasn't that we didn't want to be married or weren't excited but the reasons we had for getting married weren't those super romantic, gooey-mushy, love-filled reasons. it was much more practical but just as comical - we sort of got married so that we could formally and professionally refer to each other as husband and wife without lying. he was feeling silly calling me his girlfriend and i knew what he meant even though we were married (in spirit) the moment he took his shoes off in my apartment and the severity of which i hate other people's feet failed to take over. i didn't even have an anxiety attack when he put his socked feet on my couch. or perhaps it was on our official first date when he told me it felt like he'd always known me and it didn't feel like a cheesy 80s love song. or maybe even it was that moment, nine years ago at that party, when we both knew we were smitten.


  1. Aww..congrats! Many many more to come<3 I love love...

  2. thanks, debbie! we had a blast and i was inspired by your photo post so one of these days i'll post some of the pics i took :)


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