May 18, 2012

all together now - we're awesome. i mean i'm awesome. you're awesome, too, though.

the fabulous amy put together a fun blog hop/art giveaway thing called all together now.

because i am really good, like really good, at finding ways to avoid my responsibilities around the house (oh the laundry, who wants to do that?) i decided to join along, all last minute and stuff. i'm really good at the last minute stuff, too.

what's it about?

well, i've got a chance to brag about myself and while i try to maintain some grounded sense of humility, it's not hard to brag. i'm that cool. but you're also that cool and my bragging isn't meant to diminish anyone else's awesomeness.

in fact, you have a chance to win something cool from me BUT you've got to actually share some of your awesomeness first - but we'll get to that later.

first. i'm just going to do a list because it's friday. and i almost forgot about my friday five so i'm combining the two. of course i can count but i'm warning you, the list of awesome things about me may exceed five.

here we go...
you, ready?

1. i was a super smart kid. i'd memorized the cat in the hat before i was three. my mom thought i could read until she started flipping pages to test me and i wasn't cool enough to pass that test as i just kept on repeating the lines, in order, even though she was three pages ahead of me. but then, by kindergarten i was reading "at a third grade level" said people that knew about such things. alls i knew is i was bored to tears in reading circle.

2. i look for the best in people. when i can't seem to find anything good about them whatsoever, i ignore them, because it's not really worth upsetting myself. some might call this a defense mechanism like it's a bad thing, but in turn, i also try to be the best to those around me because i don't want the people i care about most to ignore me someday.

3. can i say that i'm creative? i can. and i think that's pretty awesome. i have had to overcome a lot a lot a lot of self doubt. oh, who am i kidding? i haven't overcome, i still have a lot. i am just faking it 'til i make it but i also appreciate the coolness in that because it's hard. i commend every single person that finds their bliss and follows it despite all internal and external factors that might make it difficult. you deserve a round of applause!

4. i'm pretty stylish. even when i'm sporting my self-proclaimed homeless chic garb, i'm comfortable enough in my own skin that i don't think people look down on me anymore. and if they do, that's their problem.

5. what else? it's a little harder to brag on oneself than i thought - so here, now i brag about my kids because they are some little reflection of my awesomeness, right? 16 year old bean is a funny, bright, multi-talented kid - he sings, plays piano, draws like a skilled architect and has this wonderful gift of being able to turn his grades around and get As and Bs after giving me a heart attack with letters from the school saying your child is failing one or more classes and is at risk for all sorts of bad things. it is true that he doesn't live with us anymore, but he shines where he is and my heart sings for him. six year old pea is reading and writing and doing multiplication IN HIS HEAD and and and. get this? last year when we started our waldorf kindergarten he was so super duper bored with the art lessons that i thought maybe perhaps i'd have a kid that just wasn't into art, afterall, he didn't carry around coloring books and crayons from the age of two like i did and my oldest son did BUT get this? he has suddenly taken an interest in drawing and coloring and painting and makes time everyday to sketch in his new sketch book and very carefully puts things away in art bag afterward. makes a mama proud. and the baby who isn't a baby anymore? three year old sprout is just wonderful. a wonderful handful that makes me laugh more than he makes me cry. he is my most sensitive child, an aries like me, so it's hard not to relate to his every single breakdown but he champions through them and tells me i'm the best. of course, when he's pissed he takes it all back and calls me dumb, but it's okay. he tells me i'm the best more often and what more could i ask for?

okay, so that was all pretty long-winded. five is good. now on to the prizes!
there will be five. all you have to do to be entered is go over there to the right sidebar and either follow my blog through google connect or networked blogs then leave a comment. but not just any ol' comment like "hi" or "thanks" but a comment where toot your own horn a little bit. shine some of that confidence of yours (and if you don't have much, read #3 again. fake it, dude, and it gets easier until one day it feels more like making it!!) share with us your lovely awesomeness. share the giveaway, too - invite others to share and spread their awesome cheer!

i will randomly choose five winners next friday, may 25th and what will the winners receive? a surprise pack of some ATCs i made last summer for an ATC art show i participated in.

i have lots of great ones, mostly with digital art from my original sketches that used to be featured in my poor neglected awesomuffin shop. there may also be some prints of some of my paintings, in a completely different style than the awesomuffins. we'll see - either way, i'm sure they'll make the winners smile. even just a little :)

ready, go!


  1. It's hard to share awesomeness but you did it so fine. :) Sounds like you have some amazing kids. They take after their mama I bet. :) Great giveaway! Hope I get to win!:)

  2. Hi Valeri :D I love the names you have for your kids...please tell me that they are their real names :D I too share the awesome skill of avoiding housework, and ignoring people I can't be bothered with..their loss as far as I'm concerned :D XXX

  3. You are stylish, indeed! It shows in the smoothness of your colors and the sharpness of your art. And, if I had your talent, I wouldn't be half as humble. Proud to the bone, baby! lol

  4. so wonderful to find you through Amy's terrific project; totally enjoying your words and work. Thanks!

  5. It's always so much easier to brag about our kids... my son is the cutest little poppet in the world :)

    Those are the cutesiest ATCs I've seen for ages - I want to tickle them under the chin :)

  6. I bet you were bored in reading circles! Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite authors because he couldn't draw realistic animals so he ended up with his whimsical ones. I am so glad he "couldn't draw" because I love his playful style. So nice to get to know you. Your ATC's are fabulous!

  7. I am the QUEEN of fake-it-til-you-make-it. I remember the day I figured out that my super-confident, somewhat intimidating, know-it-all dad was FAKING it. it changed everything. we're peas in a faking-it-pod now. and defense mechanism, shmecanism. that's using good judgement to not waste time on people who drain you. well played. your atc's are really cool. can i win them please?

  8. Hmn... I've never done the Google Follow, or the Networked blogs thang... maybe it's time I started? Hopefully, adding you to my Cool Peeps list on my blog will count?

    So.... my Coolness! I spin/eat/play with fire! People like fire. It makes them happy to see it. It makes me happy to make them happy.

  9. ooh! I totally love ATCS and I love the ones you have here. I found you through Amy's blog hop!

  10. woooo, look at all these awesome comments! thanks, y'all - happy to "meet" some fellow awesomuffins!

    @natasha - thanks for your kind {and totally flatterin} words!

    @gina - not their real names, though i do call them by their topsecretsuperhero names a lot, irl.

    @magaly - ooh, girl, you are making me blush!

    @frida - and you as well - i finally have time to go visit everyone's blogs and comment so i'll be checking your stuff out in a few :)

    writestuff and carolyn - thank you, two! i had a lot of fun making the digital prints used in these ATCs but it's a lot of work. i got a lot of positive feedback but the purchases didn't make it a lucrative hobby - one digital image can take 10x as long as the initial illustration. not that you asked, but i get all rambly sometimes. i am also very glad that dr. suess "couldn't draw" - he has always been my all-time favorite children's author/artist and his adult-content/social-critique stuff was way awesome, too. i also "can't draw" and have decided that if i wanted "realistic" i'd take a photo. or i'm too bored to get with the realism and have rejected before spending another lifetime at some art academie. right? right.

    @ i am rushmore - yes! i figured out that my husband, like your father, really isn't the outspoken, personable, friendly guy he appears to be, either. or rather he is, but it takes a lot of faking it even though it seems as though as he's the most outgoing person i know. glad to meet some like-minded folks!

    judah, judah, judah - fire spinning = hot! that is on my bucket list (and yes, adding me to your cool blogroll is all right by me!)

    marcia, thank you - i'm going to "hop" on over to your blog next :)

  11. Yes, I think taking some credit for our kid's shining qualities long as we can blame their not so wonderful habits on their fathers...haha!

    I loved reading this personable and friendly. I felt like we were gabbing over a cup of coffee at your kitchen table :)

    As for a little bragging from me, well, I make awesome banana pancakes! My 6 year old will ask to eat them without syrup! Yep, they're that good ;P

    I'll go click to follow now...and looking forward to it :)

  12. I just followed and was planning on doing before you even requested, you are wonderful at bragging in a good proud way! Love this post and would love one of your giveaways!, let's see... For my bragging today i'll go with.... I am great at finding mistakes... Only when asked to of course, like if someone can't balance their checkbook, i look at it and can solve the mystery for them, this used to help in my job years ago as a bank teller. Now, not so much.

  13. Wow what a post ! I love that you find excuses for not doing household thingies, I can so relate. Love your art and your wits and your story. I am also following you from now on, so great to meet you throught this ! and so many give aways.....xoxo

  14. Oh, totally not into the housework thing. I used to feel bad about it, but now I have my priorities straight: art first, food second, everything else? Whenever I get around to it. Let me introduce you to my never empty ironing basket - the contents change, but the volume remains the same. How's that for a magic trick?

    I love your ATCs!

  15. Love this post & so identify with the not doing housework thing (as I kick the washing to the side to get to my art desk) - lucky no one else in the house worries about wrinkles in their outfits & my husband co-cooks & actually is in charge of the washing (he's slightly better than me with it which ain't saying much) ;) You obviously shine through & talking about your family which is something to be proud of & your art? Well it's so cool & I would love you to put my name in the Mr Randomiser machine for a chance to win those adorable creations! Have a great weekend & totally enjoyed my visit!

  16. I loved reading this! You did well bragging (I KNOW, not easy-peasy, right?) and you do sound like an awesome Mama with equally awesome kids!
    Thank you for letting us get to know you better, and for the chance to win.
    K, so bragging: ah! How bout this: I make all my salad dressing from scratch, every week. Does that count?
    Kristin xo

  17. valeri, your post is wonderful. i am honored and happy that you joined in.
    please forgive me for being so late to visit over here and chatter. manslave came home this weekend and my schedule and plans all went awry.

    i think you are a lovely and devoted parent, and i already know that your art is beautiful and unique - you have your own style and i love that.

    i follow you on IG and i'm always impressed by how your art is growing and changing.

    i have more to say, but i think i'm nattering now...
    jeez. i've had a bit of wine and i'm tired. i think i'll go now instead of nattering on to you about crap you don't care about (:


  18. Your ATC's are awesome..I collect them and trade much fun. I have 3 completed albums so to have one of them would be so devine for me!! YUM..

    Thanks for having me on your art blog..I like your style.

  19. thank you all!

    thanks amy, for stopping by! i was getting a little self-conscious but i still haven't said hello in everyone's blog and it's completely okay that you were enjoying life and a day late <3

    sunshineshelle and pan's daughter - great to be in such company. my husband used to mind it and might still, a little. to be honest i do, too, but i could spend all day folding and putting laundry away, scrubbing the floors, picking up toys - and the house would look the same the next day. art is my sanity as cliche as that sounds, we can all relate. we keep a clean house but i just can't be arsed to maintain a model home appearance - unless i never wanted to paint again. as it is, i don't have enough time to paint as i'd like, so we compromise and thank the stars, he is an awesome cook and does it 99% of the time. he doesn't know how much i love him for that.

  20. hello... just entering for the give-away in hopes of winning some of your art... great blog page by the way... keep doing what your doing its wonder-filled....

  21. Ooh I'm probably too late now, but I am totally awesome at motivating myself when I need to and following through on bit projects/goals (like my garden and my thesis!)

  22. not to late, lovelies, since i am slacker-extraordinaire and didn't draw from my magic hat OR use the randomizer thing-y online. SO. hold tight...i will be picking winners today <3


thanks you for making a connection. all comments and feedback are like little sprinkles of starshine!

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