January 1, 2012

thank you notes for the small crowd

as i was considering all of the many possibilities the boys had for sending out their holiday thank you cards this year, i wanted to make it personal, as usual. typical thank you cards don't leave much room for the almost six year old to write an actual note. his penmanship is rather neat but somewhat big as it is with most kindergartners and i didn't want to write it all out for him and have him just sign it, especially since he's very interested in writing everything down these days.

so, i made a template for him to use and decided to share it :)

you can find the printable copy right here. this will print on a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper, which i think provides ample room for young writers to practice their new skill and can be folded in horizontal thirds and mailed in a legal-sized envelope or folded in half or quarters and placed inside of a card.

if your young writer doesn't actually need a lot of space or a lot of practice,  you could also play around with the template, shrink it down and print it on cardstock. make it yours (and this should go without saying, i know) but remember that it's for personal use. enjoy!

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