January 16, 2012

smash books = good stuff

the other day, at michael's, i came across smash books.
i was completely smitten.

i didn't buy one because i couldn't decide on which one i liked best. the pages are different in each book and the outer cover is either plain or embossed with a colorful fabric covered spine. i'm so particular that if i didn't like the pages inside the books with outer designs i was attracted to, i'd put it down. also, i have collected a few different types of mini three ring binders with the express purpose of doing some random journaling/scrapbooking/wreck this journal type of stuff and it reminded me that i could just finish those projects before investing in more.

i did, however, buy a few smash book accessories because, despite my collection of collage pieces, scrapbook papers, and ephemeral odds & ends, the smash book stuff is just too adorable.

i picked up some smash book bands and smash tabs and i totally plan on getting some other stuff, in time. (i may even break down and get a book, the inside pages are actually fantastic but for now i'm going to finish with what i've started and visit the smashstoriesblog for inspiration). creating my own backgrounds will take extra effort but art journaling is a process i feel the need to expand on, anyhow.

i started this a year ago and it's been untouched ever since. i think i started embellishing three mini binder folders but i wouldn't say i finished even one of them.

these folders were are going to be used in my vision book, a place to gather and reflect on what is meaningful and important in my life and where i want to see myself going forward. the quote on the folder in the above picture is from oprah, found in the dec/january 2011 issue of oprah magazine (if i remember correctly).

it says: enough already with the stuff that doesn't enhance who you really are.

i started making this book around valentine's day of last year. the heart shaped thing was from a mini box of chocolates my husband gave me. i didn't finish it or even add anything more than this. it's been put away on a shelf ever since but i've carried that quote with me and used it to remain mindful of my path. it's been a gentle nudge even when i have still lent time, money, and energy to things that don't really enhance myself or my vision.

back on track, though, and it feels good.

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