July 1, 2011

check it - art classes and giveaway

so...amy mc donald is hosting a giveaway and promoting some early bird pricing on two new classes being offered july 14th on flutterbye. one of them is goddess territory and might be completely worth checking out! hint: click the link below for class details.

my littlest is crying at me, i haven't finished my coffee, and *omg* i start my new job today soooooo, i can't go into all of the giveaway details but consider this a sort of fun scavenger hunt (that's really easy) and check out this post for further instructions. hint: the giveaway is for a gift certificate to a really cool art supply site!


  1. !!
    Thank you - you are full of awesomeness and also i am liking this blog :) have you been hiding it from me?


  2. thank *you*!

    it's on networked blogs, babe, so maybe you have been hiding from my facebook?


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