June 14, 2011

i can say i've been published!

it was a goal of mine and it's but just one small step on this journey but i am so stoked!

pasticcio 12 is available now and somewhere in it's sixty, lovely, full-color pages is a something i created. wow!

i have some reader challenges for a few publications that i'd like to work on but deadlines are looming.

i have a bunch of ACEOs i have to submit photos of for a local ACEO art show. tomorrow is the deadline and i've got to get moving on the finishing touches. i don't have to have them ALL completed by tomorrow, but still, there has been so much going on that i thought i had time and here we are. i'm a last-minute sort of gal. i don't even nearly hyperventilate anymore. i accept that i wait until the last minute and i am usually okay with the end results. i work best under pressure. yeah, yeah. i am getting better in time management.

so that's that. yay :)

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